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14 March 2014 @ 09:32 am
A/B/O Ladies 2014 - Rules, Timeline, & Promotion  

March 16-March 31: Sign-ups
May 12-May 18 Post!


What's this all about, anyway?
This fest was created to showcase women in an A/B/O universe, and that is entirely what this is about! We accept gen, het, and femslash of any sort; as long as there's a woman in the spotlight, your work qualifies for this fest.

How is the fest organized?
Very casually. It isn't an exchange fest; the idea is to celebrate the trope and produce more fic and and art. NEW this year, we also welcome meta! (If you have some other medium you'd be interested in working with for the fest, drop us a note - we will probably say yes. :D) Signups are here, and we have a prompting/brainstorm post here. If you'd like an idea of what we mean by alpha/beta/omega, we have a primer here.

So, you sign up by March 31, write your fic or meta of at least 1000 words or make your art of at least one sketch, and post your work (or a link to it elsewhere) to the community during the week of the fest. Simple!

What fandoms qualify for this fest?
Any and all, from your fandom-of-one to your favorite megafandom. RPF and origfic are also allowed.

So, what's A/B/O again?
A/B/O is many things to many people, and we assume if you're participating, then you already have your own take on it. That said, for a basic description with some examples of elements that appear, see our primer here.

Does my work have to be porn / does my work have to be analytical and subversive?
Not at all! Anything from the filthiest porn your id can deliver to the most sophisticated deconstruction of the trope is perfectly fine, as is everything in between.

Are trans* people allowed?
Transwomen absolutely qualify for this fest. Women who are transalpha, transbeta, or transomega are also welcome. So basically, yes!

What about genderswap?
Genderswap is allowed, as long as the focus stays on a female character, canonical or not; male characters who have been temporarily turned into women via magic or science are do not qualify.

Does the fic have to be from a female character’s POV?
Nope, as long as the fic has a female character in the primary relationship (or is given equal time if it’s a genfic), the fic can be from the POV of any character you like!

What about threesomes/moresomes?
Threesomes/moresomes are welcome as long as equal time is given to the female character(s) as to the male character(s) in the relationship. Of course, all-female threesomes/moresomes are also welcome!

This sounds fun, but I'm not sure what to write or draw.
Fear not! We have a prompt/brainstorming post, where you and your fellow writers can go to swap ideas, throw prompts into the mix, and generally talk about how to do this thing. Pick and choose from any of it; there's really no way to go wrong.

Do I need to join the comm?
Yes, you do, in order to post your work (or the link to your work) to the comm. We promise not to flood your flists!

If you'd like to promote the fest using our fest banner, just copy the code below and paste it into an entry of your journal. (Banner courtesy of the lovely ladyofthelog.)

All clear? Then you're ready to go sign up!

If you have any other questions, please comment to the Page-a-Mod post or email your mods at a.b.o.ladies@gmail.com.
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